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ESPN Music

ESPN music will now be available for fans to enjoy through MusicMiner. MusicMiner is a digital environment which allows fans to view and download ESPN music and custom CD covers. I was approached by art directors, Claude Mitchell and Michael Chiplock, to develop a brand and custom CD covers for the music department. There are 21 genres that fans will be able to enjoy, ranging from Jazz to hip-hop. To help with the transition to a digital environment; I developed a brand identity to unify the 21 genres, while allowing each genre to shine through. The brand centers on the idea of the “music bridge,” which refers to the transitional route between the chorus and the rest of the song. I used the music bridge as a metaphor to bridge the gap between the various genres. On the bottom right of each cover, one will notice a mark which is representative of both a bridge as well as the music equalizer. Each genre has its own brand color, to help users identify the music/songs associated with that genr